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Insane is a better word for the brilliantly minded. Eccentric is overlooked, mad is underestimated. Insane guarantees people are paying attention.

Long Day

Aug. 7th, 2013 04:48 pm
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I haven't been here in a while. I honestly don't know why I keep creating accounts with sites like this and tumblr if I'm not going to return very often. But to be honest, it is nice every time I do come back, just to browse, read and try to convince the pessimist in me that a little distraction one in a while is good for the soul. :)
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They were outside the front door now, growling and scratching to get in. I dare not whisper my concerns to my sister in fear of being heard by the beasts. She buried her head in my chest, not shaking, not wavering, and not crying; how could I admit fear when she was so brave? I was more than the eldest; I was the man of the family. But how brave was a fourteen year old expected to be with hell itself knocking on his door?
The beasts whinnied and I pictured them in my mind’s eye suddenly as a cross between a horse and a rottweiler. A loud crash two doors down from us preceded a scream, and I shut my eyes as tightly as I could. We could not help them; only pray that we were not next, and that God was indeed with us.
My sister held tighter to me and I gripped her. It would all be over soon, either way.
She found my hand, I felt my way;
And when I shuddered in fear, she sighed in hope;
No tears came then, no hold in my arms;
And suddenly, we were free.


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